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Drums and Muskets: French Vs Austrian (1813)

Alan kindly brought over some of his large Minfigs collection for a game of Drums and Muskets. (Plug alert) My new free fast play Napoleonic rules. 
We set up a very sociable "beer and pretzels" game of French Vs Austrians in 1813. The Austrian force defending a river crossing against a French Line Brigade of 12 battalions.

Austrian centre and right with a bridging unit.
TheFrench won the deployment initiative but in doing so the Austrians get first move. In Drums and Muskets, each unit gets a number of actions, shooting, moving, reload etc and the players resolve these alternatively. Instead of the Shooting, moving combat phase system. Also unit morale is not finally known till after deployment. This is resolved by a D6 within a range depending on the unit. There are three morale (resilience) grades. Lacklustre, Steady and Determined.

Cotton wool is used to indicate which units have shot but have not reloaded. Units also have training grade which controls the number of combina…

Condors to Abrams, first test game

"Condors to Abrams" are free fast play rules for wargaming battles from 1936 to the present day. This afternoon my son (12 yrs old) and I did our first test game. We were looking to see that the rules where simple enough for a younger age group, but also gave a feel for the period.
1/72 scale plastics give a nice cost effective path into new periods so with a small purchase from our excellent local store Entoyment, Poole of a box of Soviet and German foot, we put together our forces. The rules "Condors to Abrams" provide a reinforced company level game using a number of bases or single AFV's to form command groups. The rules use a system of alternative actions between players. This way players are fully engaged and can interdict game play on the board. Measurements are in inches and D6 are used for chance and hits. Artillery is handled as an off board function via the force commander base. Morale plays a key part in the game and is only known per unit after de…